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Gemmotherapy is a natural curative method using extracts from buds and young shoots of trees in the time of its growth. Mostly it is derived from buds, so it is often referred to as the „plant bud medicine″.

Buds (in Latin „gemmon″) are the germinal tissue of plants which contain the entire strength of the future plant - they are the future of the plant. That’s why it contains even more valuable substances than are in fully grown plants.

Active substances in buds are very powerful even in small amounts and thus a smaller dose can be administered. They offer more penetrative effect than that of fully grown herbs that is why the buds have an effect in cases when fully grown herbs are uneffective. Many times buds can substitute pharmacological products.

The effect of germinal tissue of buds corresponds to a connection of effect of future leaves, blossom and fruit because all these parts included in the bud are in primitive form.

All bud extracts supply organisms with minerals, vitamins, trace elements and enzymes thus increase its vitality. It also significantly nonspecifically improves the function of the central nervous system.

Gemmotherapy can be used as a subsidiary treatment to every illness (e.g. cold, allergy, gynecological disorders, Lyme disease, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, etc.). It does not have any side effects and enables the body to be purified naturally.

It is possible to combine gemmotherapeuthics and extracts with homeopathic and allopathic treatment.