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Frequently asked questions

How does the homeopathic examination proceed?

Homeopathic examination is a basic tool for determining the right remedy. The first examination lasts 1 - 2 hours depending on a relevance of patient’s disorders. During the examination the homeopath finds out the complex picture of a patient’s disease. That does not mean only a physical disorder but also a possible etiology (causation) of a disease, psychological aspects, emotional state, etc. The main goal is to find a specific remedy for soul and body according to the patient’s individuality. The purpose of such an approach is not only elimination of physical problems but also harmonization of psyche of the patient. As homeopathy comprehends health as a state of physical and mental well being, a great emphasis is placed on such a complex approach.

What are the possible reactions after applying the remedy?

It is necessary to mention that after applying the remedy it is possible that certain reactions can appear. Usually symptoms, both physical and mental, can be temporarily (few days) worsen. However, this worsening should be followed by improvement. Worsening after applying the remedy is always a good sign. During the treatment reverse symptoms can be manifested. Reverse symptoms are symptoms of a diseases that patient suffered in the past. For example if the patient suffered in youth bronchitis it is possible that after applying the right remedy a cough appears again. However, this cough will differentiate from the previous one in a way that it disappears faster and the patient will feel much better after the treatment. These reverse symptoms disappear always without any interference, e.g. antibiotics. The symptoms in reverse order should not be treated by allopathic (conventional) drugs or homeopathic remedies, otherwise the curative process will never be completed.

Is homeopathic treatment suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Homeopathy in Pregnancy

Yes. Pregnant women can be treated homeopathically without any known risk for them or for the baby. Homeopathic remedies can be used by any age category, including new-borns, small children, and seniors as well as by people undergoing a treatment that is not homeopathic. Homeopathic remedies are not chemically toxic, have no other contraindications or interactions with other remedies or drugs, or any undesirable side effects.

Can be homeopathic remedy combined with conventional medicine?

There is no contraindication that would restrict consequential taking of conventional and homeopathic remedies. If, during the homeopathic treatment, a patient’s mental and physical state improved, then it is always necessary to consult discontinuing or decreasing of prescribed drug with a general practitioner who described it.

What is the difference between constitutional homeopathy and conventional medicine?

Local manifestation of illness can be treated in two ways.

Conventional medicine tries to eliminate local symptoms (eczema is “cured” by corticoid ointment) without searching for the reasons of the illness. Imbalance of an organism is usually even more disturbed and manifests itself on a deeper level, in important organs, more serious pathology (“successful” treatment of eczema can cause e.g. asthma, allergy or even psychological disorder).

Constitutional homeopathy tries to find out deeper reasons of a disease. The reasons can be individual and may result from a relationship of a person to his environment and to him/herself. Each person reacts to different live events, changes and problems with different level of sensitivity. Two people can, from the conventional medicine’s point of view, suffer a same disease, however the reason for developing such a disease can be different. Constitutional homeopathic remedy does not suppress symptoms, it stimulates the vital force (immune system or defense mechanism) in order to boost up the curative process.

Is homeopathy a placebo effect?

No, it is not. Homeopathic remedies have absolutely reliable effect on small children or animals (veterinary homeopathy). It also has aneffect on people in shock, unconscious, or for very old apathetic people who obviously do not perceive themselves or their surrounding. If the remedy does not work, the blame is not on the side of homeopathy itself, but more probably the remedy was not chosen well and it is necessary to find another more suitable remedy.