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Adéla Šponerová

I have been interested in homeopathy since I was twelve years old when I met a man who introduced me to this method of treatment. He was a classmate of my mother, a blind man, and because he had enough of his health problems and nothing helped him, he came after several years to this method and as a self-taught person he educated himself well enough in this field, so that he finally started to help others. He was interested partly in Chinese medicine and the whole philosophy of alternative medicine, which is based on a fundamental nature and the fact that the disease is a disturbed vital force of the organism that is one inseparable whole - body and spirit. I met him by accident when I went with my mother to visit him and I had no idea what an impact he would have on my professional career. I just sat and listened to the "grown-up" conversation and when he mentioned this method of treatment, I pricked up my ears. Even as a small child I had big dreams about how I wanted to heal all the sick people in the world and I tend to identify the reasons why someone behaves differently than another person, and second, why is someone bothered, someone is angry, someone is jealous and the other a modest one. After meeting with this man, I was incredibly thrilled and almost every day I visited him on the way home from school and listened to his stories about homeopathic treatment, about his cured patients, and the principle of yin and yang, etc. It was incredible for me to share knowledge and also my children's ideas with someone who is grown and knows a lot more. An encounter with this man has become an essential part of my life. In fact, I consider him to be my first teacher of homeopathy. Although he is no longer alive, I'm really happy that he helped direct me on my path in life and that I could experience his great desire to take up the baton and become also a homeopath. This happened and even though I now know that I cannot help the whole world, it's just an amazing feeling for me to at least help those who wish to be helped.


Mgr. Kateřina Lukášová

Since childhood I have been interested in classical medicine and psychology and thus it was obvious that I would follow this path in the future. To the great surprise of my family as well as to my own I graduated in the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague and for several years I worked in this field. However, this type of work has never really satisfied me. At that time I was not interested neither in homeopathy, nor any other alternative methods of treatment. It seemed to me that it did not stand on solid foundations and that it did not have any transparent rules. I have changed my opinion after the birth of my first daughter. After sleepless nights, when my daughter was constantly coughing and vomiting and had never ending colds (from fall to spring), bronchitis and allergies. Doctors with their conventional medicines and tests were not able to help. I have realized that this way led nowhere, and that I would have to cope with it myself. For this reason, I began to study the Homeopathic Academy in Prague. I have found that homeopathy, as a combination of psychology, communications and medical "art" is an ideal solution for me and, despite a detour and in a slightly different way, I went back to what I always wanted to do - be able to get close to people, deeply understand and address their psychological and physical problems. My daughter is now healthy, although, like any child, she sometimes cannot avoid "the snotty nose", but other than that I find homeopathy a hobby, and it also became my passion and my profession. Every successful treatment of another patient gives me a certainty that the path I have chosen several years ago was the right choice.


Method of treatment

We offer help in dealing with acute and chronic, physical or psychological problems based on a holistic approach by individual counseling classic - constitutional homeopathy, i.e. accordingly to the patient's overall constitution.

We continuously develop our skills, whether in our own practice and postgraduate studies, lectures and seminars on our front, or especially with foreign homeopaths with years of experience.

The first consultation

Second consultation (review)

Used literature

Used literature

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and more.


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